Ali Shelley - World Class Magic








Youthful but sophisticated, hilarious yet classy, and down to earth but out of this world! Ali combines experience, talent, and personality to offer you an unforgettable magical event !


Ali came by her magical talents naturally.  Born into a magic family, she spent her formative years assisting her father, a well-respected magician and magic dealer.  After attending conventions around the world, she soon realized that there was more to magic than being an assistant.  As a young artist, Ali became motivated not only to learn standard magic techniques, but also to create new effects of her own.


Winning both the Society of American Magicianís Most Promising Young Magician and First Place in the Jr. Close-up contest at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention remain two of her proudest accomplishments.


As a woman of many talents, Ali has numerous acts which can be adapted to many different situations.  Most recently, she created a new act which combines her love of travel with her love of magic.  With this new piece, Ali has gained attention both in and out of the magic community.  Not only has she won awards for her originality and creativity her magic career has reached new heights.  With over fifteen years experience in the industry, Ali has performed literally hundreds upon hundreds of kids shows, countless corporate events, and many more magic conventions.  First and foremost, Ali is a performer, but she is equally adept at lecturing, motivating, and teaching.  From Russian television to Las Vegas, from Times Square to your next event, this amazing magician is sure to entertain, charm, and delight your  audience regardless of what type of occasion you are having.


Contact Ali today for a booking and she will be honored to enter your world and make it a bit more magical. Safe Travels!